Dialog at the edge of Auschwitz…

ksiazka Auschwitz   Manfred D ksiazka

Dear Friends,

We just published in English the book

“Dialogue at the edge of Auschwitz – Perspectives for a Theology After Auschwitz”.

It includes lectures held during our seminars in the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim. This book, presenting Polish, Jewish and German theological voices on “Auschwitz”, gives quite a deep insight into the challenge of memory and dialogue at this place.

With joy we present to you our book. Attached you will find some more information. It is available from the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim. The book costs 35,-PLN. You can order it here:

Centrum Dialogu i ModlitwyAuschwitz
ul. Kolbego 1

You might consider promoting this publication among your colleagues, students and friends. We hope it will be an encouragement to continue the important work of Dialogue at the edge of Auschwitz, and we offer our help to develop some project.


Fr. Manfred Deselaers                                 Fr. Jan Nowak