The first month in Krakow. Rok apostolski nowicjuszek w Polsce.

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Living in Krakow it has been amazing since we left Jerusalem. The Sisters in Krakow welcomed us with warm and open hearts and full of joy. Since we arrived in our community our sisters are doing their best in order to let us feel at home. nowicjuszki lipiec 2015 6
We are feeling their love and kindness in different ways for example: telling us if we need something just to ask them. Also they are interested about our own countries and they are open to understand us by showing how they can live easily with us even though there is a big gap of age between us.

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Sister Ania and Sister Anne Denise have been living together in this community for ten years. The language that they use to communicate with each other is French but now because of us they changed from French to English in order to have a common language.
kaplica w kwiatach  (7)How do we see Poland? Well, we can say that Poland is a beautiful country and full of life especially the people that we have met who are so kind and friendly. It is a catholic country too. Since we arrived we go to the mass at the Dominic Church every Sunday and it is full of people. Most of the people go to mass as a family. It is interesting for us to see that most of the people are faithful to worship God. When we came to Poland we were so afraid because of the language and now we are not afraid anymore because most of the people speak English everywhere, in shops and the market too.

Sister Ania has a program for volunteers. She is helping young people who want to be volunteers outside of Poland for example: Israel, UK and Egypt. Here we met most of the volunteers who had been in places that we mentioned before and we are happy to meet them again.

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„True charity gives all and exacts nothing for self: it loves without calculation, without looking for a return; it is generous, devoted, disinterested; it is happy when it is able to procure joy and consolation for others.” (4. 149)

Theodore Ratisbonne Founder of the Sisters of Sion.

Written by Victoria Nabil (Egypt) and Alejandra Vasquez (Guatemala)

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