Projekt Ameryka Centralna: Managua Nicaragua Proyect Generando vida.

Alejandra ManaguaAt the beginning I was like Moses or Jonas who refused to go to mission. They had many excuses. I was like them, know I understand why I am here in Nicaragua. It is a reality completely different from where I have been. 

When I arrived here in Managua Nicaragua , Sister Ana Maria was waiting for me at the main bus station. Then we went home where Angeles a volunteer was waiting for us. She is  from Spain and is an Oculist.

It is  my first time in the project “Generando Vida.” So I decided to get to know   in each aspect of its program,  the bank, the pharmacy, the special  dining room and library and so on.

At the bank there are three hundred and eighty five business  women associates. They welcomed me so kind and   warmly. Then I moved to the kitchen and dining room where more than one hundred children and elderly people take their lunch from Monday to Friday. I had the opportunity to share with some of the elderly people their happiness  in the proyect. I can say that the Gospel is made for the humble   because most of these are so grateful for their food they receive. I did this for a couple of weeks…

  Alejandra NDS

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