International Council of Christians and Jews. Budapeszt 24-27.06.2018

„Towards Reconciliation in a Broken World:
Jewish and Christian Contributions to Responsible Citizenship”

Konferencja, Budapeszt 2018

The 2018 annual conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ), to be held in Budapest and Kecskemet, Hungary, seeks to explore the Jewish and Christian contributions to this process in wider perspectives.

In particular, the conference will address the following questions, among others:
 How is reconciliation, as a major concept in both Judaism and Christianity, linked to justice?
 What implications does the idea of reconciliation have for interfaith relations?
 How can the “victim-mentality” be left behind to pursue a path of responsible citizenship?
 How does one find God in one’s enemy?
 What can we as people of faith do to work towards mutual understanding,
reconciliation, and peace in our specific contexts, often tainted by national,
religious, ethnic, and social conflicts? How do we work together with people of
other faiths or of no faith?

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